Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More human than zombie

I'm delighted to report that yesterday's massage has proved pretty much life-changing! Not only do I feel able to move much more easily, and able to find a position to lie down in bed that doesn't hurt, I slept really well last night. I slept solidly for a full 5 1/2hr stretch before I needed to get up and pee, and I then dozed on and off for a further 4hrs until 9am. I feel like a different person - or rather, I feel like me again, instead of this automaton.
I shall definitely be booking further massages for the next few weeks until Pip is born. Anything to maintain some semblance of feeling like a real person!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A low patch

I've been feeling pretty rubbish for the past week, so haven't felt inspired to post. My back has really been playing up; I've always had a tendency towards lower back pain and towards neck/shoulder stress, and the pregnancy has exacerbated these as time has gone on. With the increasing curvature of the spine, my posture has become absolutely terrible! I've had a constant splitting headache for the last week due to the tension in my neck, and this has really got me down. Whatever position I'm in, day or night, I feel really uncomfortable, and it's making decent sleep pretty impossible. I'm constantly exhausted. Whatever I do, there just doesn't seem to be any relief, just different ways of feeling bad. I've been for a proper massage this afternoon however, and I do feel that I'm moving rather more easily, so I hope that it lasts. I'll have a good soak in the bath tonight so that I don't seize up, and hopefully get a good night's sleep.

Karen tried to remind me of all the time that I used to spend wishing that I was pregnant; can't say this helped a lot! I know that it seems ungrateful to be complaining about a condition that I had wanted so much, but pain is pain, and I'm feeling pretty much ready for all this to be over now. It could still be another 6 weeks though!