Thursday, March 08, 2007

This could be it!

Yes, it looks like things are starting to happen, exactly when I always thought that they would - overnight on the 7th/8th March (UK time). I had a lot of pelvic pressure all through Wednesday, very twingy, especially in the pelvic/hip joints, and then got rather back-achey in the evening. Anyway, it didn't feel like anything I haven't already experienced over the last few weeks.

We went to bed at 10.30pm, and I woke up needing the loo only 2hrs later - except it felt like a real desperate need to pee that didn't disappear when my bladder was empty; rather like when you have a bladder infection. I went back to bed for a while, but similar sensations were happening, albeit irregularly, so I got up and came downstairs. I really wasn't at all sure that they were contractions at first, as they felt nothing like the Braxton Hicks I have had, nor like I imagined contractions to feel (i.e. a kind of physical clenching sensation). Instead, it's more like a "sheet" of pain that comes and goes (only lasting for about 30 secs at the moment), although I'm not sure that pain is quite the way to describe it; it's certainly a strong sensation, but by no means unbearable. In between, it feels like I'm probably imagining it - until the next one starts!!

Anyway, I'm up and wandering around with my TENS machine on, and the contractions are coming roughly every 8-10 mins, although it's not a completely regular pattern yet (I'm taking the homeopathic remedy caulophyllum to try and encourage regular contractions). Haven't woken up Karen yet, as I think that it's best that she rests until I can be more sure that it's labour proper. She'll be thrilled if she doesn't have to go in to work in the morning though!

I may be back on here later with an update; maybe not, depending on how quickly/slowly everything progresses.


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